Fall Sewing Plans

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I originally started this post in draft over the weekend and in the meantime I found The Creative Perfectionist from browsing around other people’s blogs and their favourites on bloglovin’ (yes, I am a stalker). I follow a ton of blogs on there and apparently never have enough to read.

I love the categories that Sarah put together for this and my original post really conformed to it. I have other sewing plans that are outside of FESA 2014 categories, but I figure why not join the group? I started this blog to join a community of sewists and to share creative endeavours. If my own plans can join in with a group, I might as well do it.

There are seven categories and I have plans in all except for Those Cozy Nights, which focuses on sleepwear. I have no plans to make any more pajamas.

Here are my plans in the six other categories:

Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather


I’ve had Cake’s espresso leggings pattern for almost a year now and I have yet to touch it. Must make all the leggings, because I am always cold and hate winter so much, but refuse to not wear dresses. Pants suck, gals! I need dresses!


Espresso leggings are one of Cake’s RiFF patterns, which means they are customized based on your measurements. Once you create a wearable muslin, you can basically make them with very little fabric and make them up super quick from the many blogs I’ve read talking about them.

Check out these blog entries on their espresso leggings reviews: Dreamstress, Dixie DIY, happilycaffienated, and Blinky Sews (Blinky’s post was the one that first made me buy the pattern).

Basically fall/winter are all about layers and I need tons, because I am ALWAYS cold in the fall/winter. I am the person you hate in the summer who runs about in 40 degree Celsius weather and gets angry when it dips below 25 Celsius. In the fall/winter, I am always in way more layers than everyone else. I even have a work blanket that I use ALL YEAR ROUND.

Fabric/notions needed: stretch material in different colours, 3/4 inch elastic.

Pencil skirts.


I recently went WAY outside my fashion box by trying on a pencil skirt at Old Navy and an orange one at that. I love orange, but the colour has never been in my wardrobe, because my skin often doesn’t like yellowy hues and I end up looking like an extra from Walking Dead. I’ve only been wearing red in the past couple of years and discovered how much I adore it. I used to be 100% the pink girl. I wore pink, pink, and more pink. I feel like my readers are always expecting me to sew with pink and I swear I will! I’ve just been trying different colours a lot more lately.

I’ve decided to make a few pencil skirts as a result of the above pics. I didn’t buy that skirt, because the material was stretchy and had poor recovery (yeay for learning about that! Thanks, Colette Patterns!). My versions will be made of stretchy suit material from my stash and I am excited. I am starting off with a free Lekala pattern #5088:

lekala 5088

It’s a super basic pencil skirt. I have four fabrics in my stash for pencil skirts (yeay stashbusting!):


Top: plaid stretch suiting, red stretch suiting Bottom: stretch corduroy, thick cotton blend (no stretch)

Depending on how I feel about the Lekala pattern, they may all be the same pattern, but I may keep my eye out for some other ones or try drafting my own. I really like the idea of drafting a vintage style high-waisted pencil skirt, but I dunno if I would really like that look on me… We’ll see. Gotta live outside the box!

Fabric/notions needed: Zippers.

Chic Chemises for Cool Climates


With the Parisian top into a cardigan pattern hack, I’ve realized what I want in a cardigan: cute features for different colours and prints of fabric, versatility, and one that hits me at my natural waist.

Enter the Jenna Cardi from Muse patterns. Kat over at Modern Vintage Cupcakes recently launched her first pattern with her new label Muse Patterns and I am jazzed. More than jazzed. What is more than jazzed? Whatever that is, I am that.

Yes, I do love everything about this pattern. Yes, I do. Look at the versatility, the size range  (up to 48″ bust size!), the fun details in variation B and the simplicity in variation A.

jenna cardigan

It only needs about two yards of fabric depending on your size and the version. I will be doing variation B at waist length with long sleeves to start and then likely trying every variation and the variations within the variations with variations. Verily!

Fabric/notions needed: Stable light-medium weight jersey/knit fabrics (such as merino wool, wool or acrylic blends, cotton knit, cotton blends, or even stretch lace), and buttons.

Fabulous Frocks


The Curvy Sewing Collective is doing a Wrap Dress Sew Along and they posted a link on their facebook page to a plus size Burda collection that included the most awesome Wrap Tunic Dress that would go perfectly with a new pair of Espresso leggings. I wasn’t going to join the Wrapalong, because with the exception of a woven wrap dress from yesteryears made into a circle skirt recently, I am not a big fan of wrap dresses. I love a nice wrap cardigan, but wrap dresses never quite fit the girls. I am in love with the style on this one though and the draping in the finished version they have is making me go nuts:

wrap tunic dress

Fabric/Notions needed: Stretch jersey, 1/4 elastic.

Fall of 1000 Shirt Dresses

Following Mary at Idle Fancy‘s lead, I’m declaring it the Fall of 1000 shirt dresses. She may end up making this a sewing challenge and I am in full support of that!

Combined with this is also the Cat Lady Sewing Challenge with Erin at Miss Crayola Creepy.

I recently acquired this awesome fabric:


I plan on making McCall’s 6696 in view D:


I will be using black cotton fabric for the waistband, button bands, collar, and the cuffs. I will be the coolest cat around (heheh, so punny again!).

Of course, I will be making a wearable muslin to prep for the October challenge and that means: MORE SHIRT DRESSES! ALL THE SHIRT DRESSES! I mean… I guesssss I will make shirt dresses….. (dances)

Lots of these Fall of 1000 Shirt Dresses fabrics will come from my stash (Yeay stashbusting!):


Mostly cottons, except for the black at the top, a polyester blend.

Other fall dresses include:

Lekala #4115 (with one of the above stash fabrics):

lekala 4115

Colette Moneta

I’m going to try to find merino wool or ponte knit and make a few of these in a heavier knit with long sleeves. The Moneta is so easy for me cut and to sew up.


Fabric/notions needed: Merino wool, ponte knit, heavier stretch fabrics, buttons for shirt dresses, zipper for Lekala 4115, elastic for Moneta.

Tender Tootsies

I also have an idea of making Espresso tights.

Handmade by Carolyn has a great tutorial for drafting your own tights that would be useful combined with the custom fit of the Espresso leggings. Basically just using her tutorial for making the feet for the tights.

Along with this, I have a few pairs of knit tights that don’t quite fit me anymore in the butt, but I am planning on hacking into slouchy knee high socks.

Fabric/notions needed: Elastic.

Underneath It All

I have a lot of remnants of stretch material and a lot of plans with more jersey knits and other things that I can fashion into: Underwear!

I plan on taking the Bra-Making Workshop in Hamilton at the Bra Maker’s Supply in November over my birthday weekend. Bras are hella expensive and I want a better fit. They say if you can set a sleeve you can make a bra! Sign up if you are in the area and meet me!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

My First Coat!

In the beginning of the summer before I was put on a fabric-buying hold as part of the Summer Stashbust, which I failed in sew many ways (ha, punny!), I bought this wool from a thrift store.


I have yet to determine how much of it I have (I keep forgetting), but I have plans to combine it with other wool fabric, if I need more. I think there is enough for the main parts of the coat, but accents like straps and the collar might be made of a contrasting solid wool rather than the main.

I love the smell of this wool. I can’t get over how wonderful it smells. I’m not normally a fan of wool fabric, but this one… I dunno just smells so wonderful. It had original tags on it that said it was 50 bucks. Maybe it’s just higher quality than I’ve been used to.

Possible patterns for this include:

Lekala #5835 acquired with my Monthly Stitch dresses win of five patterns.

lekala 5835

I have to lay out the pattern pieces on my wool to see if I have enough fabric minus the smaller straps and the top collar.

If that doesn’t work, I also own these two patterns:

Butterick #5685:


I would shorten this and have to use the D-cup pattern pieces. Actually, this may be moving up my list to top choice, because I really like the pattern…and that the bust variations are there.

McCall’s #6657:


I might also have to shorten this one, but I don’t need to alter the pattern based on finished garment measurements.

All three make me super happy. I’ll definitely be doing a muslin, though, because the fabric is too gorgeous to make a coat that I won’t show off like crazy and be absolutely in love with in every single way.

I also want to line it with this fabric, if I have enough:


Even if I have enough for just the main pieces minus the sleeves, I have black liner fabric I can use for the sleeves. I just adore this fabric. I got it in a swap a million years ago when I was doing burlesque in St. John’s Newfoundland and I’ve been hoarding it since. It’s lovely. It’s cotton, I think?

Aside: learn more about fabric types.

I have brilliant dreams of combining brown leather with coat pattern 1 and 3, but my wallet might get pissed at me. Although, really, a coat for the 10 bucks the wool cost me at the thrift store and buttons and some leather…. still a cheap coat…

Fabric/notions needed: Contrasting accent fabrics in wool or leather, if needed, buttons.

Colour/pattern Palette:

fall colour palette

I’m all about the plaid this fall so I want to hopefully find some plaids in stretchy materials to take home and be mine for a Jenna cardi or Espresso leggings. And yes, pink is on my list of colours. I’ve been trying to find more pink, but I keep getting distracted by other colours… I am going to try to find a nice one for my wrapalong dress.

Oranges and yellows are on my list for the first time ever! I am going to break it up with having them as accents on black or brown or possibly grey cardis or making my Moneta with the skirt in one colour and top in another.

Lots of options there.

Complete shopping list:

  • Burdastyle wrap tunic dress: 4 yards light weight drapey jersey/knit fabrics, 2 yards 1/4 inch elastic
  • Espresso Leggings & tights: 2 yards of medium weight jersey/knit fabrics, 4 yards 3/4 inch elastic
  • McCall’s shirt dress: 11 1/2 inch Buttons (hopefully cat related)
  • Jenna Cardigan: 2 yards stable light-medium weight jersey/knit fabrics, 6 1/2 inch buttons
  • Moneta: 3.5 yards merino wool, ponte knit, heavier stretch fabrics, 2 yards clear elastic
  • Lekala pencil skirts: 4 7 inch zippers
  • Lekala 4115: 6 1/2 inch buttons (zipper in my stash)
  • Coat: Wool for contrasting accent fabrics for coat or leather (this one is more in the air as I haven’t settled on a pattern yet, but I likely won’t be sewing this until November)

Not too long of a shopping list. Only 13.5 yards of fabric to get over a couple of months. Some of those items can certainly get out of hand, but I’m not allowed to go to the Toronto Fashion District and buy a year’s worth of fabric like I did last year at this time. I am only allowed to get enough for one of each of the above patterns and definitely not at once. The moment I buy more means that I start hoarding them all!


Finding Balance and Realizing Limits:

I am in love with how all of these challenges overlap so that I can take part in a few with one garment. However, given my up and down health, I am not going to stress if I don’t get it all done. I also have a lot of non-selfish stuff in the works for Halloween and those plans may overtake my selfish sewing. I definitely want to get three things done, though: Espresso leggings, Burda wrap tunic, and McCall’s cat print shirt dress. I know I will get at least one pencil skirt done as well, but I also know the Halloween stuff will be taking over soon! I’ll tell you about it eventually, but no planning posts on that. Secrets! You’ll have to wait until after Halloween to see what I accomplished. It’s also possible that most of this list will be sewn in November outside of the three top things. I can always push some of these into my winter sewing plans…..I do have another stashcation planned for Christmas holidays….

Upcycled: Circle Skirt Mania


Oh how I love circle skirts. I’ve made the Pavlova skirt and refashioned a UFO into a circle skirt recently. I haven’t been wearing skirts over the past couple of years, but since making the Pavlova, I’ve caught a bug for high-waisted circle skirts.

This one is a wrap skirt that I upcycled from my first me-made dress from a pattern:


I made it for a burlesque routine to Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit (hence, the sexy face as I strip). Wrap dresses are great for burlesque reveals. This one had awesome twirl action.

Unfortunately, since doing that routine in 2009, about a month after, I fell down some stairs (klutzy Andie!) and couldn’t walk without pain for about…..um….6 months…. and haven’t done burlesque since. I didn’t break anything, but I tore something and the doctors I saw didn’t figure it out. I got physio in the summer of 2010, but haven’t had a great left knee since.

I still adore dance and I have been wanting to take lessons again. I took hip hop and Bollywood dance workshops in June and loved it, but I have a lot of health setbacks that make me worry about taking a full class if I can’t commit or have to miss classes. Health setbacks and weight fluctuations resulted in me not being able to wear this dress anymore. The bodice showed off the girls (good for burlesque, bad for office work) and didn’t fit quite right with a camisole under it, because of the princess seams and the fitted look of the bodice. The original is from McCall’s 5314 view B:


I really do love this pattern and plan to use it again in the future, but my dress couldn’t be fixed and the fabric/colour was too nice to waste and I was too attached to it to put in the charity bin.

So, I chopped off the bodice and ties and cut about two inches from the bodice for a small waistband. I attached the waistband and then reattached the ties and opened a small slit for the ties to go through. I finished it in an episode and a half of Battlestar Galactica (swoon Starbuck!). And now I can twirl again:


Or do a cute curtsy:


Oh how I love it. I want to make more, but I have lots of other plans in the works, which I will talk about in length on Friday. I’ll have to make more circle skirts after all my plans.

There are a lot of other garments at home that I want to upcycle as well. I have a tendency to hold on to my favs, but not be able to wear them. I’d love them to stay complete and just shrink down to that size again, but ultimately I spent the money on them and I know how to sew so I might as well upcycle them into things that I can wear again. Lara over at Dreaming of Avonlea inspires me to do it. Check her out!

UFOs, Costume, and Cat Lady stuff


Remember this UFO? Well, it’s a UFO no more!

P1020248 P1020249

The colours in the skirt are closer to the first pic. Low light and my camera settings seems to have coloured everything a little blue. But wait, Andie, the top one was a dress and this is a skirt, what genius is this?

I can’t take credit for the idea. It’s from Erin at Miss Crayola Creepy. Erin started off with a dress and then decided to chop it into a skirt. You can read more about it by clicking through to her blog.

This started as McCall’s 6504, but didn’t work out. I graded the pattern up, but there was already so much ease in the pattern that it ended up being very large. Then I tried to fix that, but nothing was working out. Too many pattern pieces meant one side would work and then the other would go wonky and fix the one and then the other one goes wonky. I started the dress in May and finished it in August after Erin’s post. Took me one night to chop it into a skirt and add a zip. Would have taken less time if it weren’t for having to sew the waistband twice. I find waistbands really troublesome to sew especially with so many layers of fabric and different types of fabric. The sewing is still not entirely straight, but I am done fiddling with it. I love the skirt. It’s ultimately another circle skirt and very similar to the Pavlova, but there is a lapped zip on the side with two hooks in the waistband to keep it closed. It’s really wrinkled in these pics after a day at work.

Action shots. Circle skirts are for twirling! You can see the shorts I wear under all my dresses. Scandalous!

The other item I am going to share with you is still considered a UFO:



It’s a Parisian Top hacked into a cardigan. I got the idea from A Lemon Squeezy Home’s Project Sewn Leading Lady Challenge. I know it looks lovely and complete in that photo, but I finished it shortly after my last entry in August and haven’t worn it since and didn’t want to blog about it. I don’t like how it looks on me. Hence, the pic of it on my living room carpet. I’m determined to make it wearable. First off, it needs to be shorter. All of my dresses and skirts are high-waisted and this hits me on my hips. Second, the buttons gape. I can’t make a new button band, but I can add more buttons. Other than that, it’s okay. The neckline doesn’t quite work with any of my tops or dresses, but I will figure something out for that. It’s completely made of remnants from my stash. So yeay for that!

I would make it again with the alterations mentioned and a better fabric. A ponte knit would work really well on this.

I haven’t sewed a lot lately other than that. I did an upcycle for a friend for a costume and it was featured in the Mary Sue for uncommon Fan Expo costumes as #18:

Princess Kenny

The white underdress was upcycled from two nightgowns and the purple vest from a robe. The three fabrics are all manner of material: poly blend, silk, and satin. All incredible frustrating to deal with, but looked good in the end. The white poly blend ran and I had to patch a part of it. Made me almost tear out my own hair! I made the shoulder pads with the same yellow silk from the bottom of the white dress, felts for stuffing, and foam core board. I put it together with hot glue and then attached them with velcro so that the top could be washed.

It was my first paid gig!

In other news, some funny pics of my cat in a cone to stop her from scratching:


Speaking of cats, have you checked out Miss Crayola Creepy’s October Cat Lady Sewing Challenge?

Oh yes, I will be taking part!

I am basically a crazy cat lady, but I am just crazy for my crazy cat. Isn’t that crazy?


Phew, long post. This is what happens when I procrastinate on taking pictures and blogging. Ooops!


I’m using the glasses on my necklace as real glasses. Crazy!

Stashcation: Parisian Nights

Well, I am back to work now. *Groan* I’ve been back one day and my mood went from happy to grumpy again. My vacation was so wonderful.

We went to Wasaga Beach. It’s northwest of Toronto, where I live, and is lovely.


Wasaga Beach

The sand is wonderful and the water was nice. It’s all sandbars along the beach and the water gets warmer faster than other lakes in Ontario. Not as warm as it could have been, though.

It hasn’t been scorching hot in Ontario this summer like it usually is, which is a great disappointment to me. I look forward to the heat and the sun every year. We’ve mostly had rain and cool weather. It was a windy day at the beach so eventually we were too cold to stay out of the water long and made our way to a restaurant for dinner.


My turtle


My stepdaughter’s sea turtle, inspired by Finding Nemo

The sand was still wet from all the rain and we easily made turtles by our beach blanket.

The next day, we went to Ashbridge’s Bay, which is a beach right in Toronto.

wpid-20140801_155101.jpg wpid-20140801_155114.jpg

The beach is a lot colder than Wasaga. Freezing in fact. Our toes got numb after a while in the deeper parts. Closer to the beach, we were a little less numb and started having a water gun fight. It was an epic battle and got me in those giggle fits that have your sides hurting and you gasping for air. So much fun.

Beside the beach is the park area you see above, which is shaded by some lovely trees. The four of us sat in that area and played a dice game called Farkle. Many a fart joke happened during that game…

Then we escaped an impending storm in a pizza shop and heading home.

On Sunday, after the kids were picked up by their mom, a friend hosted a lovely barbecue on her rooftop patio and I spent Monday recovering from that… But I got to cuddle with the sweetest little dog during the evening which made the hangover worth it and this is coming from a cat person.

Those are the highlights of non-sewing during my vacation.

Back to sewing:


During my stashcation, I pieced together about 9 pdf patterns. I still have tons left, but putting together pdfs is a pain!



After all those pdfs, I cut out these patterns.

I cut out the above patterns after two or three nights of piecing pdfs together. It was exhausting putting all of those together.

From left to right, the patterns I cut out are:

2 Parisian Nights pajama sets from Winter Wear Designs

1 Parisian top from Go To Patterns

1 #5199 Little Atlas Dress from Lekala

I cut these out on Thursday night after Wasaga and then sewed the Parisian Nights pajamas on Friday and Saturday.

wpid-20140805_223335.jpg wpid-20140805_210732.jpg

The first one is technically my muslin. It’s red and green. The green is a lightweight lycra and the red is a heavier cotton jersey. The binding on the top was a mistake, but I am too lazy to remove it. It is super mismatched in terms of weight which made the binding go wavy instead of flat. I graded the pattern up a size, but if you are a little bigger than the pattern, don’t grade up. It has tons of ease and definitely didn’t need to be graded up. I cut a ton of material off and resewed both the top and the bottom. The neckline is still far too large on the top, as is the waist n the shorts.

The second one is made with flannel print on the bottom that I picked up for two bucks for a yard at Value Village and cotton jersey in pink, which was also two bucks for a yard and a bit at Value Village. The shorts fit a bit better, but the jersey has almost no recovery and the waist band could definitely be tighter. I can’t decide whether I will fix this or simply leave it, because they are just pajamas (I am lazy so likely I will leave it). I left off the binding for the top, because of the recovery issue, and just turned the seams in and did a decorative stretch stitch along the edge in purple. I shortened the straps on the top by a few inches and the top fits much better. Because the shorts are in a woven, they could use extra room in the crotch, which I will definitely add for the next versions of these pajamas.

The pattern was a freebie as part of the Bundle Up sale from Pattern Revolutions back in June. I definitely recommend checking them out, because I got 8 pdf patterns in that bundle for around $30 US. They have bundle sales once every couple of months for indie patterns and are a great deal. I almost bought their little girl pattern bundle and then stopped myself, because I don’t have any little girls to sew for!

I am very excited for the rest of the patterns from that sale. I regret not printing them all out to put together during my stashcation.  My next stashcation won’t be until Christmas! The goal, however, is to have a much smaller stash by then. Although, I have so many patterns, I am guessing I will still have a ton more of those to get through.

I’m currently working on my Parisian top. I just have the buttons left. Oh, the pattern doesn’t include buttons, you say?

Well, my dears, I’ve got a pattern hack for you! Stay tuned!

Stashcation: Colette’s Myrtle & A Giveaway at Born to Reign Athletics

I’m on staycation this week and am having a stashcation! What’s a stashcation?

Basically, you take this:

20140725_201820 20140725_201931

And plan this:

20140726_133517 20140726_133509

And then sew, sew, sew.

There are 20 garments planned here. I know I won’t get them all done within my staycation, but the idea is to go through your stash and plan your next garments out, as well as put those pdf patterns together and cut ahead so that you make sewing easier when you are back to work.

I realized a few things in doing this task:

1) I have spent way too much time buying fabric and not enough time sewing

2) I have way too many patterns that I haven’t tried out before

3) I’m horrible at resisting buying fabric or patterns

4) I’m just too happy with all these things to stop, but I must!

Even after these realizations, I still bought fabric at Value Village (local thrift store) this week thus breaking my Summer Stashbust 2014 pledge for the second time (the first was by buying Colette’s Myrtle pattern).

I’m going to still try to keep on task for my Summer Stashbust 2014, though, because it is important to me to use the fabric and patterns I’ve bought over the past few years. I have a wedding to save for and a wedding dress to plan out over the next year (I’m sure my lovely readers will get tired of that talk!). I’ve got to reduce my spending to save up for the wedding.

Even though buying Colette’s Myrtle is technically against my Summer Stashbust pledge, the fabric I used has been in my stash for several years. Thus, I am categorizing this as a stashbusting post.

This is no Moaning Myrtle! (Can’t resist a Harry Potter reference!) There was no crying and carrying on with this pattern or this fabric.

This was definitely the easiest pattern for me to put together. Including taping the pdf together and cutting it out, the whole dress was about 4 hours to complete and press. It was incredibly simple.

The fabric: Goodness, I can’t even tell you how much I love this fabric. It’s a woven and it incredibly soft and drapes beautifully. It’s been years since I bought it so I have no idea what it is. Perhaps a silk charmeuse, but I’m not even sure. It’s not your basic poly satin and it’s extremely luxurious. I only had 3 yards of the fabric. I made the shorter version of Myrtle and didn’t put the button tabs on the shoulders. I made a 3XL, because I wanted it to have a lot of drape in the front. In the future, an FYI for busty gals is to do an FBA on the chest or lengthen it, because the large bust takes a lot of length out of the finished garment. I’m okay with the length (I also wear spandex shorts under dresses), but it could be a couple inches longer for me.

It was my first time ever creating my own bias tape and my first time ever using bias tape! Bias tape is used in the woven version of Myrtle to finish the back sleeves and neckline. I love love love love the look. I spent about ten minutes after I finished sewing the bias tape just admiring the look.

I’m really impressed with the pattern. Except for the full bust issue, the dress is so nicely done. The arm holes are PERFECT. They don’t gape and aren’t humungous like other sleeveless plus-sized patterns. I feel like that is a huge change from the Moneta, which was verging on much too big in the armholes area. I haven’t made the Myrtle in a stretch material, though, and I can’t speak to how the armholes are finished in that version of the pattern, but they are perfect in the woven version.

As for the next stages in my stashcation planning, I am currently furiously taping together pdf patterns and then I will be furiously cutting out patterns and furiously sewing. We have some plans in the remainder of the week, but I should be able to finish some more stashcation garments, but I will be in a better position to sew in the future and I am definitely excited about that.

Now for a fun thing for my Canadian plus-sized readers:

A good friend of mine, Krista Henderson, launched a great website for plus-sized athletes, called Born to Reign Athletics, and she is doing a giveaway for a $100 Addition Elle card. All you need to do is head over to her site and answer a few short questions through Rafflecopter and you can win a sweet gift card for athletic wear or clothes or even shoes at Addition Elle.

I highly recommend this site. Krista launched a couple of months ago and this is her first giveaway.

Here is a short blurb on the site:

Born to Reign™ Athletics is about unleashing your inner strength and celebrating your power to reign over your life, your body and your spirit in a healthy way.  Created by Krista Henderson and inspired by her own experiences, Born to Reign Athletics provides information, tools and resources dedicated to motivating and celebrating plus size women who embrace an athletic lifestyle.

Now get over there and enter the contest!




Geek Craft – TNG Uniforms

Andie L.:

I made TNG uniforms for our show!

Originally posted on The Dandies:

A few months ago, I had a great idea for creating really easy TNG-inspired uniforms for our show. Dale finally gave me the go-ahead a few weeks ago for our Atomic Lollipop show and I made them up in a few days, including drafting the pattern.

How did I make these?

For Captain Field, I took a long-sleeved stretchy shirt and made a pattern from that, which I then hacked into the colour blocking you see. The real TNG uniforms have a zipper up the side, because they are made from poly with little stretch. I can only imagine how much hotter the cast would have been in those. Pro tip, remember to add seam allowance, because I forgot in my excitement. Luckily, that oversight was easily remedied with rectangular blocks in the side seams and the sleeves.


Pattern pieces for Cpt. Field’s uniform

It was a really easy garment…

View original 294 more words

Paris, Cake, A UFO, and Andreas

Oh my, where has the time gone? I’ve been sewing a lot, but with no time to take pictures (ahem…make ask my boyfriend politely to take pictures). I did the old selfie thing so that I could stop feeling guilty and could post about the project I am currently working on.


20140707_181005 20140707_180929

The above is my best impression of a sophisticated women from Paris (please read Paris as Paree everytime). I’m kicking myself for not taking a close up of the fabric and these are such low-quality pictures that I can’t even properly do a close up of the fabric. The print is pink* roses with “Les Fleurs” intermixed. I picked it up at a fabric store in Toronto’s fashion district for about $4 per yard a few weeks ago. I got three yards and used about 2.25. It’s adorable and totally not something I would normally pick up. You may look at me and believe I was very into floral fabric, but I’m generally not. Lately, it’s definitely been growing on me more and more. The fabric is a cotton knit with very little stretch. Almost no stretch to be honest. I chose the Moneta again for it and am in love with it. However, I really need to alter this pattern for any future makes, because the armhole gaping is really obvious without the right amount of stretch in the fabric. From cutting to finish, this took me about 4 hours to make. The BF was pretty impressed it came together so quickly. This is why TNT patterns are so nice to work on.

I’m glad I have some of this fabric left, because I am hoping to make it into some pajama shorts for the summer.

*See? It’s pink! I do sew pink!


This is my first make from Sewing Cake patterns. It’s the Pavlova skirt, but I changed a few elements. I added a few more inches to the waistband and then added in straps for a jumper skirt look. I came in with this concept of what I wanted and wasn’t taking no for an answer. To preface the next bit, I want to say that Steph’s instructions and her pattern were totally fine. The alterations I made to the pattern plus having a few bad sewing days are what made this so difficult to make. I ripped out every seam after I sewed it more than once. Eventually, I just ripped out all the seams and then started again. I will say, though, that because I chose a high-waist skirt for this, there was far too much ease in the pattern for that, but Steph states that there is 2 inches of ease in the waist of the skirt. Keep that in mind, if you want a more fitted look for a high-waist skirt. For next time, because I am definitely making this pattern again, I am choosing a smaller sized waist.

In spite of the trouble this skirt gave me, I was determined to finish it and I am glad I did, because I adore it. The fabric was a wonderful find at Value Village and cost me $5 a few weeks ago. It’s a wonderful fabric, but I have no clue what kind it is…Cotton something or other, I think.

I originally wasn’t going to add the scalloped pocket to this skirt, but am glad I did, because I think it’s an extra bit of cuteness and uniqueness. I finished the skirt and immediately tossed it on with a Led Zeppelin shirt and headed to Stage Select Gaming Expo for an improv performance as the Dandies. I had so much fun there and even got myself Mario mushroom earrings and a Kirby necklace from a vendor, Stitch N Clay.



Look at the sky! Is that a bird? Is that a plane? Nope, it’s Andie tossing aside an unfinished object. Two months ago I started this dress. McCall’s 6504. I was really excited about it going in. I had some lovely fabric and colourblocking lined up: black, grey, purple, grey, black. It was going to be gorgeous. My first issue was grading the pattern up. No, scratch that, my first issue is that McCall’s adds so much ease into their patterns and doesn’t really specify that in the finished garment measurements. I shouldn’t have graded the pattern up at all, but just given it an FBA and left it at that. The fabric I used was scraps from other projects, except for the purple, which I picked up for very little and didn’t get enough to make a full dress. So, I wasn’t worried about using the fabric I wanted right off the bat. The first fitting of the dress was ridiculous. It was enormous, but I persevered and was certain I could fix it. I pinned like crazy and then got the top to fit better and then put the facing on only to discover there was a huge amount of excess fabric in the straps. I also decided that I hated it at that point. I hated the straps and wanted a new look. I’ve made a decision to cut off the straps and cut the bodice top to a sweetheart neckline and then add in straps like on Sewaholic’s Cambie dress. It’s still a UFO and still needs me to do that. I am definitely reluctant to touch it again. Too much heartbreak. Too many tears.

Occasionally, Dale gets to see me throw pieces of fabric about. Poor guy. I should really work on that.


I am an Andrea. Did you know that Andreas stick together? Until I was about 26, I didn’t know that. I’d never had another Andrea as a friend. Now I have tons. That might be why I was fine with Dale calling me Andie. One of my friends is a mutual friend with Dale, her name is….duh duh….Andrea. I nominated her for a Liebster award for her sewing blog (she writes about things other than sewing as well). I don’t know if you know this, but Andreas think alike. They talk alike. Heck, they even walk alike. Andrea was planning on nominating me for a Liebster award. So, she went ahead with it anyway. And I encouraged her. Andreas are very encouraging with other Andreas.

I will answer her questions and refrain from adding in more nominations, though, because figuring out who to nominate was tough work!

1. Why do you blog?

I blog because I love writing and I also need motivation to sew. With a blog, I am forced to keep going. I also love the feedback aspects of having a blog. I love hearing from other people about their thoughts on sewing and other things.

2. How did you get into whatever it is you blog about?

I started sewing as a way of affording costumes for Halloween and burlesque. Now I sew because plus-size clothing is so expensive. My next venture is to sew garments for my boyfriend, because holy crap men’s clothes are expensive. I will also be taking a bra-making class in the fall at Hamilton Bra-maker’s supply, because bras are my most expensive piece of clothing (over $100 a pop to make my girls pop!). Sewing was an economic choice to begin with and still is, but overall I just love sewing. I didn’t really expect to love it this much, but I find it relaxing (unless things are just going horrible) and educational (even when things go horrible).

3. Which post you’ve written is your favourite so far?

I would have to say my Gold Moneta. I adore that dress and had a lot of fun writing the entry and including a silly bad drawing of a kitty cat club in it.

4. Favourite book/movie/TV show/webcomic/song (pick one, some, or all)?

Favourite book is and always will be Jane Eyre. I read it first when I was 14ish and have read it about 20 times since. I used to read it every year and sometimes twice a year. I did English lit in my undergrad and Masters and read it several times for that, as well as teaching it. My favourite book series is Patrick Rothfuss’s Kingkiller series. Check it out. I love them so much. Kvothe is the ultimate protagonist.

Favourite movie is tough. Among my favourites are Up, which I love watching with Dale, because we are basically Ellie and Carl. Some other fav animated features: Finding Nemo, The Croods, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Inception, another I love watching with Dale. Funny Girl, which I haven’t seen in years, but jumps to mind right now and makes me want to watch it immediately. Charade, My Fair Lady, Funny Girl, Roman Holiday….and basically any Audrey Hepburn movie. Although, surprisingly Breakfast at Tiffany’s doesn’t hit my favs of hers. I still love it, though. Hitchcock’s Marnie, The Birds, and Rear View Window. A classic Robert Redford and Jane Fonda pic called Barefoot in the Park. Apparently, I love 50s/60s movies…. Huh…. I generally count a movie as one of my favourites based on the ability to rewatch it. Serenity would also be counted here and First Contact and Stargate and Aliens….and a lot of sci fi.

Favourite tv shows are a little bit obvious to my readers. I love Star Trek TNG (surprise!) and am watching Voyager for the first time and it’s definitely becoming a fav. Doctor Who is an old-time love from Tom Baker (my first doctor!) days. I was a big Buffy fan back in the day, but haven’t watched it in years. Orphan Black is a new fav. Tatiana Maslany is an amazing actress. I have started watching the new Sailor Moon Crystal. Sailor Moon was a fav from the 90s for me. The new show is so good and based off the Manga series and the original art. It’s so much prettier. <3

Webcomics: Debs and Errol (Made funnier because I know them), Rock, Paper, Cynic, and I am Arg.

Song…. Oh man, I used to be such a music geek, but I’ve definitely been falling out of that for years now along with reading. Anything Led Zeppelin.

5. Pet peeve?

I feel like lately my fuse is really short with people who are completely oblivious that other people exist. People who stand in front of the streetcar/subway doors when it isn’t their stop and don’t move to let people off/in. People who walk in couples and don’t leave room for people walking toward them. People who are oblivious that people are walking behind them and don’t hold doors open for them so they don’t slam in their face….

Basically, these are big city problems. Luckily, I walk to work and don’t have to worry about most of the commuter troubles!

On the other hand, maybe my pet peeve is guys who catcall me as I walk. I swear if I get one more “Smile, honey” or “Nice tits” or “Helllooooo gorgeous lady” or “What curves!” I will clock them right in the face. I generally don’t respond to them and then get the wonderful “God, you’re such a bitch” or “The right response is thank you, honey!” Right….. because I want to thank you for sexualizing me and harassing me on the street or telling me how I should act for you.

Apparently, I have more pet peeves than I thought….


Whew, long post. Lots to say. Hope you made it to the end. If not, here’s a summary:

I made stuff. I like my friend Andrea. I like lots of geeky things. I hate catcallers and inconsiderate people.