New Sewing Space

Today I am sharing pictures of my nice new sewing space.

I had a basement room all to myself previously. This is what it looked like before I started packing stuff up:


I definitely craved more organization and having my stash in the large purple and pink suitcases was clunky for browsing through fabric for new projects. Without seeing it and seeing how much I had to work with, I would buy a lot more fabric and have no clue that there was likely a great fabric that worked in my stash. I also had my patterns everywhere in the room and not very well organized either.

I craved natural light. I really missed it when I was sewing away in the winter. There are precious few hours of sunlight and often I would sew after work and then go upstairs into the dark to prepare dinner. I made the space work, but it wasn’t perfect for me.

In the Spring, we had a few leaks in the room from rain and snow melting that left the place smelling musty and horrible. The carpet needs replacing. We used to have our bedroom in here and one of the reasons we moved into the Master bedroom (other than no longer having a roommate) was because of the leaks in the basement room. Once the carpet is replaced, we’re repurposing the room and I won’t be moving my sewing back down there.

My new sewing space is the other half of our bedroom and I love it so very much! There is still some minor organization left to do, but I’ve been sewing in it now so let me take you on a tour.

The cabinet that now houses my fabric and sewing notions:


Behind the doors is my fabric stash:


Heavier weight wovens are on the top, knits in the middle, and lighter weight wovens on the bottom.

In the drawers are sewing notions and some fabric. I need a little more organization in these, but they are okay for now:


The top drawer has zippers, buttons, velcro, and elastics and some suede that I bought on sale locally.


The middle drawer has tons of bra making supplies: laces, duoplex, elastics, underwires, stretch mesh, power mesh, rings and sliders, little bows and flowers for embellishments, and many other things. I also decorated the cabinet with washi tape that has pins and safety pins on it. It was a prize from Jenny. :)


The bottom drawer holds satins, silks, crepes, linings, and many other more delicate fabrics.

On top of the cabinet is my knitting WIP and my pattern sash (yes, that is still the cardigan I was going to make for the Outfit Along….haha!):


The blue container holds my printed pdf patterns, which are still in the process of being organized, and the red holds my paper patterns organized by pattern company and then into categories (dresses, coats/jackets, separates, costumes, etc.).

DSC_1321 DSC_1320

On the side of the cabinet, I stuck a couple of hooks for my measuring tapes.


Do you have this many measuring tapes? I always feel like I need a bunch of them hanging around. They usually end up all over the room and I always want one accessible.

Beside the cabinet above my dresser are a couple of containers with craft supplies (felt, ribbons, polymer clay, and jewelry making supplies), along with my WIP basket (on the left) and my “to-be cut” basket (on the right..overflowing because of a huge project I am working on right now).


On the other side of my stash cabinet, my cutting and work table sits. Right now, it is a folding table, but I definitely want a proper table one day that can adjust to counter height and has locking rollers on the feet so I can move it about as needed. I would also like it to be slightly shorter in length.


Unfortunately, the folding table is a little warped in the middle from years of pressing on the table top ironing board there; I’d stop doing it, but it can’t get much worse that it is. Plan is to also get a proper full sized ironing board and have it folded away beside my dresser when I am not using it, since there is a perfect space in that corner.

Under the table is my exercise ball and a rogue box of unorganized pdfs that I will get to after I finish a ton of Star Trek uniforms for my improv show, Holodeck Follies. You can see a few in progress on the top of the table there along with two that are all cut up and I put together just last night.

Behind the cutting/work table are a couple of DIY pictures that I put together using fabric scraps, dollar store frames, and a few feathers. I really love the look and it makes the wall a little more interesting. My husband said he likes them, too! Win!

DSC_1325 DSC_1324

Finally, here is my sewing space with my sewing machines!


Right in front of the window with natural light pouring over me as I sew. I eventually want to make covers for both of the machines to keep dust off of them and increase the neat and tidy feeling of the room.

I organized the messiest drawer in the desk:


I used clear plastic dollar store organizers and am really pleased with the look. The other drawers are just thread, rulers, instruction manuals, and interfacing:




Beside the desk on the right is my little dry erase board to make notes about stitch lengths and measurements and notes on works in progress:


I do so many adjustments that it helps to see all my measurements on the board and to adjust as my body changes. I can never remember the perfect bar tack stitch length for my machine. Having it up there has saved me sew many times.

To the right of the desk is a little wire cart:


I eventually want to have more clear containers in that area with lids for some more organization. The caddy currently holds my several kinds of tape, ironing supplies, pens/pencils/markers, and the electric wires for everything in the area. Kind of messy, but I will figure out better ways of dealing with these things.

Here is the other half of the bedroom:


Beside my desk on top of the small bookcase is my very small stack of sewing books and my ipod for my sewing playlist.


Above the bed, I made a heart with LED fairy lights. It’s just wound around some push pins. Above the heart is a little wooden plaque that says, “Love is spoken here.” <3

The tall bookcase usually holds family pictures, but I took them off for the picture for privacy. My Harry Potter series gets top billing at the very top of the shelf. ;)

The body pillow cover was made by me and is inspired by the Star Trek TNG uniform. I will add a Communicator badge to it one day, but for now I love it. It’s made with black t-shirt material and burgundy fleece.


This is between the door and the closet. I finally brought this painting and the red one above the small bookcase up from our previous basement room. I love both of them. My husband has a nice art collection and great taste (especially in women…ha!).

We also did some reorganization of the closet and packed a few things into plastic bags due to a moth issue:


I’ve also put my yarn stash in a plastic bin and finally have my fabric scraps in two plastic bins in the closet. They are pretty full! Surprising how many scraps you acquire from sewing for a few years.


I have the fabric scraps organized by knit and woven. Eventually, I want to go through them and get rid of a lot of the tiny pieces and cut bigger pieces into rectangles or squares or triangles and organize them by fabric type and complimentary colours/prints to make scrap quilts one day. But that’s a pipe dream really, because I much prefer garment sewing! I do think pulling out the bigger scraps for using as accents on projects will happen, though. A nice little tiny pocket here or button tab there in a contrast colour is more in my interest. Although, I love the idea of a knit fabric quilt. I see that getting done a lot sooner than anything else.

I really love the new space. Smaller, but far more functional. It’s a lot easier for me to see what I have and be able to use it effectively. I can easily work on my projects without having to search the room for what I need. I got really disorganized in the other room. I am hoping that won’t happen with this one since I am starting in a much more organized space.

Of course, the whole thing helps me realize that I should not be buying fabric anytime soon and should be on a fabric and pattern buying fast….

Yeah… Like THAT is going to happen…. ;)


Comfy Womfy: Butterick 6210

Of course, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry by ooh shiny! That’s the quote right?

Directly after I made my plans for the remainder of the summer, I started making a muslin of M6754. It’s okay. It has an issue with the raglan sleeve so there are a few more adjustments to do. Frustrating for an easy knit dress, but par for the course with my chest. I’ve never done raglan sleeve adjustments before, though, so I haven’t tackled the issue, but I did get tons of advice from fellow sewcialists.

I decided I just wanted to make something and not really worry about fit. Purely comfort. Enter B6210:


The dress has a loose fitting blousey top with elastic waist and straight skirt. There’s also a faux drawstring on it. I’m really not pleased that thing is a faux drawstring. I guess I didn’t read the pattern description right to see it was just attached on the front. I want a real drawstring dammit! Next time I make this, I will figure out how to add that. Shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s just a matter of making two buttonholes and a long string and putting it in when I do the elastic. This time, though, I decided not to add work.

Fabric requirements are challis, jersey, and rayon for this. Basically fabrics with a nice drape. I chose a  rayon knit fabric I got during my adventures in Hamilton. Gillian pointed the fabric out and said she made something for her sister with it. The minute I touched the fabric, I knew I had to have it for secret pajamas. This fabric is so soft. I just want to wrap myself in it and cocoon.


I used the top from view D and the bottom from view C for this dress. Or, at least, the bottom started as view C. It ended up being really really long. I cut out a size 28W and the old plus sized means giant amazon rule of patterns and fashion came into play. It was supposed to be knee length, but ended up mid-calf length. I guess I am short…

I chopped off several inches from the bottom to make it a little bit above the knee and then I serged the hem instead of bothering folding it under. It did end up a little bit shorter than I wanted, but it’s good for leggings.


Because I was using a knit fabric, I chose to make knit binding for the sleeves and the neckline rather than use bias tape. I used the same method for both sleeves and neckline and serged the binding on and then top stitched with my machine.


I am surprised with this pattern that the armholes aren’t horribly oversized. They are big, but not hilariously so as is my experience when I choose my “size” based on my full bust measurement instead of high bust and then do a full bust adjustment. I was prepared to wear a camisole underneath this and have it show, but I don’t need to worry about that. The armholes provide enough coverage for me.

I didn’t have an issue with my serger loving this fabric. Rochester did his part in no time, but Jane Eyre, my sewing machine, freaked the hell out with the fabric. The elastic waistband is incredibly messy inside. It’s messy outside, too, but hidden by the fabric gathering. Although, the messiness and some rolling of the elastic makes that gathering a little odd looking. If I could have figured out how to do this entirely on my serger I would have. It doesn’t so coverstitch so I had no clue what to do. If I ever work with fabric like this again, I will try out the walking foot to hopefully keep Jane from eating the fabric.

I also will be getting better elastic next time. I used some stuff from my stash and it rolls like crazy. It works fine for pj pants, but for some reason really doesn’t work for this dress. Maybe a bad package… I need to get the good stuff for the boxer shorts I am making for my husband, too. I don’t want them to roll on him and be uncomfortable.

Because of the drapiness of the fabric, the pockets also drape a little oddly. I decided not to both caring about this for a comfy dress. I didn’t spend a lot of time at all thinking about the fit, which was nice for a comfy dress. It’s honestly just lovely to wear. So comfy and soft.

That’s about all to say for the dress. Here’s the photoshoot:

DSC_1282 DSC_1284 DSC_1288

DSC_1290 DSC_1291 DSC_1297

In other news, I am slowing getting set up in my new sewing space. Once the space is all done, I will take you on a tour of it and show you how I organized things and made the smaller space work for me. :) I’m excited to see the result.

TL:DR Review

  • Pattern: B6210
  • Pros: It’s a fast & easy pattern just like the envelop claims. Armholes are actually not oversized like most Butterick patterns for me.
  • Cons: In the plus sizes, this is a very tall pattern and will require major shortening. If you are tall, this is not a con!
  • Make again?: Absolutely! I would love to find a nice woven rayon fabric for the next one and the striped duvet fabric in my plans would also work well as it has a nice drape. I want a real drawstring next time, though!
  • Rating: pink-star-black-md pink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-mdpink-star-black-md5/5 stars




The Sewing Blahs

Last week, I was on vacation or staycation, where we have the kids, but don’t really go anywhere except maybe to the beach. I usually use this opportunity to sew all the things, but this time not so much. I sewed a couple of things. I finished two things completely and sort of half-sewed two other things, but am feeling rather not thrilled about both of them. I have the sewing blahs. That’s not to say I still don’t want to sew all the things, but meh…not these things… Ever feel that way?

While on vacation, I did sew a couple of things:


This progress picture shows the mint colour a little better:


Two Jenna cardis in mint and in white. I’ve sewn this particular pattern so many times that I don’t really need to take pictures of me in them, but they will likely show up in future photos as layering pieces. These are sewn with my serger except for the top stitching and the buttons. They turned out so well this time.

wpid-wp-1439223748054.jpeg wpid-img_20150810_122146276.jpg

I really love the look of the solid colour. I’ve previously created lots with colour blocking, but they don’t get a ton of wear. The weight of the fabrics is also perfect for the Jenna cardi and my other ones don’t match them. These are both medium weight stretch knits. The white is a white jersey with lycra and is so amazing in terms of recovery that I am going to get three more yards pretty soon to make a white jersey dress. The mint is a cotton interlock. My experience with interlocks is that they don’t usually have great recovery. This one holds the shape a lot better than others I’ve dealt with, though, even if the recovery could be similar to the white jersey. I’ve already been wearing these two non-stop. Basics for the win!

The other things I half-sewed were my M6887 and then got upset because it doesn’t look right on me.


It’s very cute and has some really nice details in it. The piped pockets and princess seams are really great.

wpid-wp-1439211873354.jpeg wpid-wp-1439211881944.jpeg

The drape of the skirt, however, throws the whole thing off. It’s not circle skirt enough and just seams to hang in horrible ways. I will probably be getting rid of the cute piped pockets, sadly, switching them for side-seam pockets, and then cinching it in again at the waist, because there is too much room there.

I’m also working on another M6696 in a gorgeous brightly coloured linen floral with green and orange accents:

wpid-wp-1439211890158.jpeg wpid-wp-1439211835588.jpeg

I used the burrito method to put the yoke in. Something I didn’t take the time to learn previously. I’m never going back to another method again; it makes for such a good look. I like this dress and I know it will fit, but I feel pretty unmotivated to get ‘er done. It will happen eventually, though, because I love my M6696 shirtdresses!

I’m also about to lose my sewing room. The carpet needs to be replaced after several leaks in the basement room. After the carpet is replaced, we need a roommate for a while. I will be moving my sewing stuff up into our bedroom. Part of me is excited for that since I really like the light in our room and it will be a vast improvement from the darkness of the basement, but the other part of me…is just not feeling the amount of work that would go into moving up two floors. I’ll be doing it, though, with the help of my fabulous husband in the next few weeks. I plan on moving my stash upstairs first so my sewing room also looks like this:


The bonus, however, is that there is a cupboard currently on the top floor in one of the kids’ rooms that I can move down into the hallway and use for my stash. When my sewing area was in that room, I used it to organize my stash. It’s a great way of seeing what you have as well instead of having it in a suitcase, which is my current organization method. I think I will also get a couple of clear plastic containers for scraps and my wool. I don’t want any of my wool infested with moths since we consistently have a problem with them in our house. Any tips on getting rid of those? :/ I’ve tried everything!

The issue was the sewing plans I made back before the wedding. I didn’t really anticipate how exhausted I would be post-wedding and how much trouble I would have functioning again. Even after my week off, I don’t feel much more rested or better. My pain has been flaring up really badly over the last couple of weeks as well. Part of that stems from not controlling my diet as well lately and having some things that bring on fibro flare ups. It’s just so difficult to stay away from the tasty things! I’m planning on getting back on track this week. Less sugar is the plan, but when farmer’s market vendors sell gluten free whoopie pies covered in chocolate with peanut butter icing in the middle and gluten free peanut butter cookies covers in chocolate with peanut butter icing in the middle….well….. the rest is just crumbs on the counter.


I also made a few too many desserts this past week. Rice Krispie squares and peach crisp.

Okay, I am making myself hungry!

Back to sewing. Sewing plans were the problem. I just have no desire to sew what was on my list. I feel like sewing comfy fall clothing rather than the long list of wovens and summer dresses I had. If they are woven sewing plans, I want to sew super loose-fitted clothes. I also crave some slower projects, like jackets.

I am replacing all my sewing plans from last time with three new projects:


M6754 in a navy ponte knit with grey and white polkadot knit bias tape for the neckline, princess seams, and waist. If this goes well, I will also make this in a royal blue quilted knit without any bias tape, however. It’s heavier weight and lush. I bought it when I went to Hamilton on Thursday last week to meet Gillian, Sarah, Andrea, and Leah. I also got a few other things and managed to stay below budget! Shocker!


Sadly, the royal blue doesn’t really show up well using my cell phone camera, but you can check it out in action on Gillian. The right picture going clockwise from the top right: orange and white drapey knit fabric, neon orange sheer and solid striped knit, purple “knit” print rayon knit, and the royal blue quilted ponte. The left picture is what I bought at Bra-Maker’s Supply: orange duoplex and royal blue duoplex, orange/pink/black stretch lace, and pink strap elastic.

The next project is M6555:


I’ve never tried this silhouette before! After seeing Nicole’s Papercut Sway dress, I became pretty obsessed with tent dresses. Leila added to that obsession recently with her trapeze dress. I found M6555 and really love the potential in it with the yoke. I plan on making this with white poly crepe and aqua poly crepe de chine:


In the above, the white crepe and aqua crepe de chine are in the middle. All are from The aqua crepe de chine is really drapey and the crepe has more structure to it, which is perfect for a suit jacket…

I plan on making Simplicity 2340:


This is using the coral satin for lining in the above fabric picture with the white crepe. I will need to do an FBA on this one and a muslin, but if it works out, I think I will make a couple more in some wool suiting I have been hoarding for ages from thrift store finds and some interesting lining fabrics, too. I have a mint satin and some other lovely satins that would work well for some of the fabrics.

Speaking of thrift store finds:

wpid-wp-1439210442362.jpeg wpid-wp-1439210448580.jpeg

This past week, I found two poly crepes and a cotton denim-look sheet the last time I went and a huge amount of sock yarn for some fun slouchy thigh highs for the Fall/Winter. I’ve never knitted socks before, though, so we’ll see how this goes! Of course, I meant to just find a cotton and get eggs and bread, but I came home with tons more…. #fabricaddict

I still plan on keeping some of my plans and I have other quick projects to add to the queue. I definitely want to make another bra, especially after being inspired by Gillian’s lovely versions. I also crave quick projects: I want to make some Barrie Briefs for me and some boxer shorts for my husband. I got the denim-look cotton sheet for his boxer shorts and plan on cutting them this week. Another project would be a ponte knit Sophie Cardigan with a V-neck and the rectangle pockets. On the slow project front, I also still have Dale’s shirt cut out and will be getting that done sometime in the next month or so. Other than that, I have to get some Star Trek costumes done for my show, Holodeck Follies! I’m really looking forward to that project as a quick and fun thing to do.

I think changing course on my plans will help me get out of this sewing slump.

How do you get out of a sewing slump?

Agent of Love and Exams, the pretty sailor suited soldier Sailor Mercury!

This is a post about a bra.

I grew up with the English dubbed version of Sailor Moon. It was my favourite show and I would watch it endlessly. This was before we could download shows or stream them. I taped tons of Sailor Moon and ran home at various time from school to watch. I was 15/16 when I first started watching. We got the internet around the same time and I discovered that the English dubbed version was pretty different from the Japanese version. Eventually I read the manga and got to watch the Japanese version. I bought Sailor Moon everything and became a hardcore fan.


At 15/16, I bought all of the Sailor Moon mini palaces including the larger moon kingdom palace above. Little chibi Sailor Scouts were a favourite of mine. Sadly, I have nothing left from this era. I loved this stuff, though.

I wasn’t a popular kid growing up. I was a bookworm. Naturally, Sailor Mercury was my favourite. She could kick ass and still get her assignments in on time.

There’s something about the Sailor Scouts for me. The idea of being a young woman and being assertive and strong resonated with me. The show gave me a lot of strength and repaired a lot of my feelings about vulnerability. I wasn’t going to be the victim anymore. I started standing up to bullies and really became the strong woman I am today.

I have been watching the new Sailor Moon Crystal series. I actually really love it. I’m not that far in, though, because the wedding distracting me. I need to catch up!


The bra’s colours instantly reminded me of Sailor Mercury along with the oversized bow. I named her Sailor Mercury and she’s a beauty and strong. I put the bigger bra lower so it wouldn’t be bumpy under whatever dress I am wearing.

This is my best fitting bra yet. I will be tweaking the fit a bit more and more as I make more, but I’m pretty satisfied with this one. It’s super comfortable to wear and has a nice shape and lift.


I’ve gotten mostly rid of the bulk problem in the bottom seam. There is the tiniest of bumps left. I’m going to ask about sheer nylon stabilizers when I am at Bra-Maker’s Supply in a couple of weeks. This should help reduce the bulk in the seam, but make sure I still get the appropriate support.

For this bra, I increased the lower cup a little more and increased the bottom seam of the upper cup. The seam between the two lower cups now sits where it should at the apex. Before the seam wasn’t quite there and definitely contributed to an odd shape. I think for the next one I will increase the upper cup just slightly, because there is still a tiny bit of flatness in the seam between the upper and lower cups. I also increased the band by a little more than a 1/4 on each side. A little bit more than a 1/2 inch in total. I can’t quite remember the amount to be honest. That’s why I am being vague. That was just enough to make it a lot more comfortable for me. My other two are a little bit too tight. I can wear them okay, but after a day my sides pinch a little bit. This one, though, perfection. A bra should be so comfortable that you barely notice that you have it on.

DSC_1266 DSC_1267

I did a much better job with the straps and hook and eye than I have in the past. The stitching is still not perfect and my machine skipped a couple of stitches, but it’s getting there! They look kind of wonky in the picture above and don’t appear to sit correctly, but on me they scoop perfectly down to the hook/eye and sit very flat. I don’t think I will be working up my nerve to show you a picture of me in these bras. My day job would have a fit about that if it ever got back to them. The back looks great, though, take my word for it.


I did a much better job of making the bridge look nice at the top of the cups. I extended the channeling and used that to cover the raw edges. It also nicely lends a bit more structure to the lace at the top and will help it last.


I also lined the lace! I used stretch mesh with spandex from BMS. It’s definitely going to preserve the stretch lace.


Speaking of the lace, I took the lace off of a nightgown that I had used for a cosplay project last year. The upper part of the nightgown wasn’t needed so I cut it off. The large bow also comes from the nightgown. I made the smaller bows on the straps using the fork method.

The teal blue fabric is duoplex and the band is white power net. Elastic findings are a kit. All these are from BMS.


The insides of my bras are starting to look at lot better. I would still like a way to make the raw edge of the lace look better though. I will be asking about that at BMS.

The final touch I made for this bra was to officially make it Sailor Mercury:


On the right strap at the back, I embroidered a tiny Sailor Mercury symbol to let my geek subtly shine through. Now I have to make sure my strap is showing! ;)

This is my favourite bra yet. I’ll probably be saying that for sew many bras in the future! I have planned out three more bras in terms of fabric combinations and named two with the help of Instagram! I need your help for the last one. :)


Ruby: Black duoplex/elastics/powernet with red lace. Thanks to Maris for naming this one!


Black Raspberry: Black cherry duoplex, dusty rose lace, black power net/elastics, and grey ribbons. Thanks to Elizabeth for naming this one!


Help me name this one!

Fuschia and lilac lace from Arte Crafts, fuschia duoplex, and lilac findings kit.

Update: The name was randomly chosen! Thanks Nicole for Desert Sunset. :)

It’s Lingerie Month over at the Sewcialists blog. Will you be taking part and posting your project to the flickr group for the round up post? I’m definitely posting this!

And now back to our regular programming… Striped Simplicity 1459

Now that the wedding is over, I can write about sewing again and get back to reviewing patterns, sewing favourites, and musing on sewing in general without the focus of the wedding for every project.

Of course without any time constraints, I haven’t been sewing! I’ve been hanging out with my husband. :D

I have some deadlines coming up for some challenges. The Outfit Along ends at the end of the month. I haven’t even muslined the dress and I am only five inches into my Embrace knit wrap. Along with this, I could be taking part in the Bra-a-Week challenge (I have some bra fabrics on the way!) or the Sundress sew-a-long (I haven’t even settled on a pattern for this one)…or sewing up the three projects I have already cut out… (two Jenna cardis and another M6696). Nope. Hanging out with my husband and cuddling him like crazy.

Lucky for you, I have a project kicking around from the end of May to blog about! Phew!

I got the fabric for my dress back in May during a thrift store visit and basically made the dress in the same week. The fabric is actually an Ikea duvet cover and had the stripes on both sides, which means double the fabric. There were two colourways and I kick myself for not picking up the blue/green colourway as well. I call that thrift store regret. I often leave things behind and then dream about them later for weeks. I usually go back the next day in these circumstances, but the thrift stores get cleaned out of the good stuff pretty often. I never got the blue/green colourway, sadly. :(


I’ve always wanted a horizontal striped dress, but I wanted multicoloured crazy stripes like the duvet. I love all stripes, but really love the multicoloured stripes. I also want more orange and yellow in my life. They are colours that just make me happy, but I know they don’t look right next to my face so the other colours worked well to keep the yellow/orange away from my face.

Really this dress was all about the stripe location and I spent about two hours deciding on where to place things before cutting it out. I held it up to my body. I looked in the mirror. I wrapped it about like a toga. I twirled in it. I cocooned myself in the fabric and thought long and hard. Okay, I spent more time playing than anything else. :P Do you ever just play with fabric? I can’t be the only one?!


I made the dress using Simplicity 1459 for the bodice. I left the collar off the dress and simply sewed the facing to the wrong side of the bodice and turned and pressed. In order to not have the facing issue that I had with my gingham version, I used fusible webbing to prevent the facing from turning up at the back. I also used it in a couple of locations at the front to ensure the facing laid flat. It also really helps maintain the shape of the neckline since the fabric is super soft. For the skirt, I cut out a rectangle and just gathered the skirt for a basic skirt. I made fabric-covered buttons using the orange and pink stripes so they were consistent in all the buttons. I didn’t want to worry about the buttons turning about and the stripes not matching up correctly. I stripe-matched on the side seams and the front bodice. I think I did an okay job. It’s off by a millimeter here or there, but overall pretty good. Like the gingham version, I finished the armholes with self-made bias tape. I also put in a short side zipper, which I installed by handpicking, and side-seam pockets.


I also made a matching band for a new hat I got:


Hahha, such a nerd.

I chose to have the white stripes go across my chest and the orange stripes across my waist. This worked perfectly and gives the dress a wicked shape for my body. I’ve been wearing this dress constantly since I made it. It’s extremely comfortable due to the lack of a waist band.The fabric is so soft, too. It’s 100% cotton, but the cotton feels brushed and lovely. It’s like wearing around a comfy duvet cover all day…wait… it’s literally that. ;)

wpid-wp-1436966317227.jpeg  11401321_10153383062721410_7916880578002754078_n wpid-wp-1436966269376.jpeg IMG_20150705_212832

I wore the dress for Me-Made-May, our Stag and Doe, and for our minimoon in Niagara Falls. A T-rex invaded my personal space to tell me she liked my dress.

The only issue with the dress is that the neckline doesn’t quite sit flat at my cleavage line when I am sitting forward. It’s a little baggy there and the v-neck sometimes gaps. It doesn’t bother me, though, since it still provides enough coverage that I don’t need to worry about flashing people. Just means I need to stop slouching!

Here is my much-delayed photoshoot:

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The Wedding Dress, pt. 3: The Reveal and the Day

When I was growing up, I never had an idea in my head of a wedding. I never had it in my head that I would get married at all. If my Barbies or dolls got married, it was usually a lesbian wedding and involved unicorns and dragons. It usually ended in complete destruction of the world I had set up, because fairy tale weddings always had the bride carried away by a dragon, right?

I’m happy to report that my actual wedding had no such conclusion. It was perfect.

I already revealed the dress, because I was too excited to hold back the dress for me to write a post. Instagram was also filled with pictures of our wedding. A lot of our wedding was DIY and I wanted to go over a few more details from the week leading up and the day and then tell you about our awesome minimoon in Niagara Falls.

Decorations for the wedding reception were created by my friend Rob and I. The night before we went to the space and got everything pretty for the day of.


Each table had a paper table cloth and a tissue paper flower with a tea light in the centre. The stage, where we put the head table, had a string of lights and tulle, as well as balloons covered in tulle and tied with ribbons and fake flowers. These balloons also appeared throughout the space, as well. We also had little paper wedding bells above the bar.


This was the prototype we created for the wedding. They weren’t helium-filled, but were hung from the ceiling with clear fishing wire.


Here I am playing with a wedding decoration after a few. ;)

Dale and I made the favours for the wedding reception, as well:

DSC_1229 DSC_1230DSC_1231

We gave a little DIY Yahtzee game with dice and little pencil along with a bunch of candy: York peppermint patty, Hershey’s Hugs, Maple toffee, Tootsie Roll, and a Chocolate Loonie. Totally random candies from a bulk store.

Our ceremony was a mix of non-traditional and traditional. We are not religious but we chose to do a handfasting, which is a Celtic and neopagan tradition.

07-13-2015 187 07-13-2015 188

We felt connected to the significance of having our lives bound together physically and symbolically through marriage. Our parents each bound our hands and then tied a knot together. We wanted them to take part in the ceremony in some way even if it wasn’t a traditional giving away of the bride by the father of the bride. In this way, our two families are connected by the bond they created by raising us and blessing our union.

07-13-2015 186 07-13-2015 194 IMG_6851 IMG_6852  IMG_6858 IMG_6860

Our vows were a little different from the usual to have and to hold for richer and for poorer. Helen Sweet, our amazing officiate, had a lovely set of vows that fit with who we are with each other:

I, Andie, choose you Dale as my spouse, to be no other than yourself.  Loving what I know of you, trusting what I don’t yet know; With respect for your integrity and faith in your abiding love for me; In all that life may bring us, I join my life to yours.

While I didn’t cry all the way through the ceremony, my voice caught in saying these words and looking into his eyes.

07-13-2015 199 07-13-2015 200

And then we made out. Fully encouraged by Helen, who said she wouldn’t tolerate anything less than making out.

07-13-2015 201

And the ceremony ended with a family hug with the kids. A perfect way to end it.

Here are some post-ceremony pictures:

07-13-2015 210 IMG_6774IMG_7006 IMG_7001IMG_6737

wpid-wp-1436815738989.jpeg wpid-wp-1436815727539.jpeg IMG_7036 IMG_7034IMG_7032 IMG_7045 IMG_7055 IMG_7062

Our ceremony took place in Allan Gardens Conservatory in the main atrium under the banana tree. It was an important place for us as our family pictures took place there a few years prior.

Helen Sweet, our officiate, was booked through All Seasons Weddings. She was an excellent speaker and truly wonderful to work with. We adored her.

Our reception took place at Social Capital Theatre, where we perform our monthly show, Holodeck Follies. It was catered by KAMA Restaurant, Indian buffet, with a late night pizza snack from Panago Pizza.

For our wedding cake, I made a small gluten free vanilla cake with blueberry coulis and vanilla buttercream. To match our gold colour, I dusted the top with gold sugar dust.

IMG_7134 IMG_7135 IMG_7136 IMG_7137 IMG_7146 IMG_7147 IMG_7148 IMG_7149

Nerds with Guitars played our wedding with excellent covers and some original songs.

I’ve purposely kept a lot of people out of the pictures and focused on Dale and I. I won’t post pictures without permission from individuals. I do want to give you an idea of my neice’s dress, though, so here is a detail of the back.


She was truly adorable in the dress and such a sweetie. She was pretty pleased to be able to take the dress home and be able to wear it to school for special occasions.

Here are some fun pictures from the reception enjoying the music and having fun.

IMG_7150 IMG_7156 IMG_7157 IMG_7158 P1020399 P1020383

Our day was absolutely perfect in every way possible. It was wonderful celebrating our love in our own special way.

We were lucky enough to be gifted a Scandinavian and Russian cruise from Dale’s family for the wedding through Celebrity Cruises. Along with that, people were incredibly generous and gave to the Daily Bread Food Bank and gave us enough for a mini honeymoon in Niagara Falls and spending money for our cruise. We’ll be going on the cruise in May 2016. Tons of time to sew up a vacation wardrobe!

In Niagara, we spent some time being tourists and visited the midway, the falls, went on the boat under the falls, visited a wax museum, went to the bird kingdom, and got old timey pictures taken of us.

Here are some fun highlights from our minimoon:

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Thanks for reading!


Mrs. Andie Wells

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