The Wedding Lingerie

Well, my plans for the lingerie ended up all over the place. I did make the bra and I will be making the camisole, but left out the tap shorts and the underwear. I just didn’t want to fiddle with the bottoms and have been feeling stressed by it and not wanting to do it. Instead, I bought some white stretchy shorts with lace on the bottoms and some lace underwear to match my bra. I will blog about the camisole another time and include a review. The pattern I am using for the camisole is the Savannah camisole from Seamwork mag. So, this post just includes my bra. Oh the grand plans that come down to one thing while I co-plan a wedding…

The Bra:

Since making my cloned Elomi bra, I was pretty psyched to get to making another bra with the tweaks to the pattern. Before making the bra for my wedding, though, I had to make another test bra.

From the last bra, I shortened the band, narrowed the bridge, increased the lower cup and accounted for the stretch in the lace for the upper cup. I also shortened and narrowed the straps.







The “test” bra is in fuchsia duoplex, black powernet, and fuchsia elastics/findings from Bra Maker’s Supply and black and fuchsia stretch lace from a local store. The fit is almost perfect. The band ended up tighter than I expected, but still okay. Not uncomfortable unless I eat a big meal. The bridge still doesn’t sit flat in this version. It’s a little difficult to understand how this bra works in the flat version. The stretch lace is narrow at the top so the bra looks like the straps are close together. On me, however, they are in the correct position. To give you an idea of that, I put the bra cup on a balloon:


It’s hilarious to me that the balloon is still not big enough for that cup and I still find the cup a little small…


Unfortunately, the lace in this version got a couple little holes in it when I washed it.


The other thing I realized was how bulky the bottom cup seam is where the powernet of the band and the duoplex/lace of the bridge meet. I doubled the powernet in the band, which also meant that the bra was more supportive, but I also doubled the duoplex in the bridge, as well, to ensure the support there, too.

DSC_1162 DSC_1161 DSC_1163

Super bulky seam that I didn’t trim down. The sewing is less than stellar in that area. The problem with sewing with duoplex and powernet and lace is that ripping out seams is almost impossible without destroying the fabric so I left it. My technique only gets better with every bra so I know this will be remedied in future versions.

The other issue I seem to have with the sewing is in the straps:

DSC_1172 DSC_1171 DSC_1170 DSC_1173

The straps are sewn to the powernet with a double lightening stitch. This one is actually better than my wedding bra version, but you can see that I didn’t quite catch the powernet in the second row. In spite of using pins, the three layers move about a lot. I need to figure out how to improve my technique there. It works, but I am worries about the longevity of the bra in that area.

The other thing to note is how narrow the bridge is:

DSC_1165 DSC_1164

The underwires actually overlap in this area, but I have no issue with comfort from that.

For my wedding bra, I left out the lace on the bridge and made sure I clipped the seams to reduce the bulk. I clipped one side of the doubled duoplex and powernet so that I was only sewing over one of each within the 1/4 inch seam allowance. I also further increased the lower cup and the upper cup. I decided not to increase the band, but I have done it for the next version, including increasing the upper cup and lower cup again. Geez, how big are my boobs?!

You can see the seam is much smoother on this version:

DSC_1175 DSC_1174

This version is an even better fit. The bridge is almost flat against my breastbone (only a 1/4 inch out now). I haven’t spent a lot of time wear it, because I am saving it for my wedding mostly. I did wear it for a day last week to make sure I wouldn’t have a problem for my wedding day, though. It fits will and is very pretty. The only issue is I derped and put in the hook and eye wrong so I will be fixing it this weekend, because I can’t hook it very well this way since I am used to the other way.

DSC_1158 DSC_1157

Here are more balloon pictures:

DSC_1149 DSC_1151

You can see that the cup is even bigger in this version, because of the bagginess in the cup against the balloon.

Here are some lovely detail shots:

DSC_1155 DSC_1156 DSC_1154 DSC_1176

Oh and the crappy job I did on the straps (even worse than the last time!):



The interesting comparison here is this bra to the original cloned one:


It’s pretty similar in terms of length.

Here are all my cloned bras so far with the most recent on top:



I feel like they are getting a lot better with every step. I’m really pleased to see my skill increase. So much more room to grow (damn straps), but it’s getting there.

From here, I basically want to make all the bras. I will hold off for a while, though…cuz wedding…and see how these wear. I have enough materials for another two bras minus one pair of wires. Then in the future, I’m hoping to try foam bras and bras for my swimwear plans.

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Stay tuned for:

July: The Wedding Dress, pt. 3: The Reveal and the Day.

Spring Sewing Round up + Summer Sewing Plans

It’s a week before the weddddding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I also recently got this lovely bundle in the mail from Jenny at Cashmerette!


She had a giveaway on her blog and I won it. :D

I think the panel of fabric is screaming to become a cute mini-quilt for a wall hanging.

Okay, excitement is high here, but I do have some Summer sewing plans for after the wedding and wanted to post a roundup of my Spring sewing.

Spring Sewing Roundup

1. Outerwear:

I made two M7100 bomber jackets as planned (click the pictures for links to the entries):

DSC_1080 DSC_1013

And spent most of the Spring wearing them every day. We have had a strange Spring here. Usually by this time in Toronto, we have weather that is over 20 degrees and less rain. This Spring is weather anywhere between 10 degrees and 30 degrees and tons of rain. It’s crazy. I never know how to dress so having these jackets is perfect.

2. Men’s clothes:

I want to formally apologize to my husband-to-be for neglecting him yet again in this area.

3. Dresses:

I made a few dresses:

DSC_1038 DSC_1099


I haven’t blogged about the striped dress yet. I keep spilling coffee on myself before I get pictures taken! At this point, too, it’s definitely going to be a post-wedding entry…

I never made anything for Indie Pattern Month, sadly. Oh well, I’ll be able to participate next year. Not the million dress I planned, but enough.

I also made my wedding dress, but you have to wait until July to see that.

I made a flower girl dress. So cute! Not my size, though. ;) Darn.


4. Tops:

I didn’t make the top I planned (M7094) but I did make two JVL Bronte tops:

DSC_1065 DSC_1088

5. Lingerie

I made two bras from my cloned Elomi bra pattern!! Neither of these are blogged about, but I will be doing that before the wedding.

DSC_1159 DSC_1158

Summer Sewing Plans

1. Outerwear:

I did not get to the raincoat with the Spring sewing, but I will get that raincoat made this summer. I didn’t get to it, because of a minor alteration on the sleeves and basically just wanted to sew up projects I knew would be easy. As a reminder, these are the fabrics and the pattern I plan to use:





I decided to sketch it out for fun!


I’m using my Curvy Sketchbook from Cashmerette.

2. Men’s clothes:

I swear I will get this done. I already have the first version cut out in a black cotton. It will be Simplicity 1544:


View A with just the collar stay and not the full collar in black cotton from a local store.

Other than that, I am making him some boxer shorts, but I will not be posting them here. I can post my underwear without issue, but not other people’s.

3. Lingerie:

On the heels of two more successful bras, I want to make all the bras! I have enough of the fuchsia duoplex to make another bra and this time I will be using pink and purple elastics/findings. I will also be making two in turquoise fabric. One is planning with white lace and blue elastics/findings. I have yet to find a lace for the second version, but I am leaning toward hot pink or something else crazy and loud with black elastics/findings. Black powernet for both. Although, I might “harvest” my first bra for white powernet for the turquoise bra, but I haven’t decided yet. I may also just get some white powernet since I need more underwires anyway.

Here are some of my fabrics:

DSC_1208 DSC_1209

I also have plans for some funky strapping across the front of the fuchsia one, like this bra:


The straps would replace the stretch lace in the upper cup… We’ll see if that ends up being something I make… Or even something that will work…

4. Dresses:

Now that it is summer. I want to make all the dresses ever. I have started sketching a couple with my Curvy Sketchbook.

a) B6210 in the same stripe fabric as I’ve used before:



b) For the Outfit Along, I am planning to make the Embrace wrap cardigan in a mint green wool/acrylic blend from Ice Yarn and M6887 in a lovely apple fabric with a light blue lining and mint green bias tape accents:

DSC_1207 DSC_1202


The knit wrap cardigan is the Embrace pattern. It’s available for free on Ravelry.

c) Decades of Style ESP Dress in Wonder Woman fabric:



d) Muse Patterns’ Melissa dress in a mint green floral print with forest green accents on the front v pockets and the sleeves, and an ivory lace insert on the back V:



e) I currently have another M6696 all cut out and ready to be sewn using these fabrics and buttons:


The plan for this is to have sleeves that turn up with a cuff and button tabs with the green flower buttons. We’ll see if that works out! :)

5. Shorts:

I don’t really know whether this will happen or not. To be honest, I almost didn’t put it on the list, but if I try this and fail, I still want to write about what happened. I’m not a fan of shorts or pants. You see me wear leggings with dresses and I get by okay all year round. The thickness of the leggings just change based on the weather.

I’m not sure of the pattern. I know I want them to be bermuda length (knee-length), though, anything shorter and I won’t feel comfortable wearing them. I have Green Style Taylor Shorts and Ginger Jeans in my pdf patterns. I also have M5894, a jeans pattern, in my paper pattern stash and that one is the closet in terms of sizing for me. I just discovered a new pattern that is yet to be released from Itch to Stitch called the Angelia Shorts. I saw a version over on the Monthly Stitch and really loved them. They aren’t really in my size range, though. I like the idea of adapting M5894 into a bermuda length with a draw string and making them in a lightweight pant material. We’ll see what happens here. If anyone knows of a pattern like the Itch to Stitch that is in a 24W or higher (there are tons with an elastic waist, but that isn’t what I am looking for at all), please let me know!

I have no sketches of this yet as I am just mulling it over…

6. Swimming:

This venture really depends on whether I can find a good swimsuit fabric that I like. I haven’t found any yet; although, I can make the first version in cheap fabric to check fit and figure the bra issue. I will be making B5795 in view B for the top and view F for the bottoms:

B5795B5795 bottoms

The bottoms will be made in a solid colour, because I want to make a few and have them interchangeable for the tops. I would also like a few bottoms in boy shorts, too. The tops are going to be prints with the princess seams on the front in solid colours. There will also be a foam bra insert using my bra pattern so I will be changing the back a little bit so it dips lower and has an elastic band and a swim clasp.

I’ve sketched out the concept here:


The bottoms have drawstring ties in the picture. Not sure if I want to do that yet.

Along with swimsuits, I also have plans for a swim cover up, using the free Medina mini-kaftan pattern from Hot Patterns on I’d like it in the white island breeze gauze on for the main fabric and a fluorescent cotton for the contrast. A store near me sells a few fluorescent cottons that I want to snag for this. I’m thinking hot pink for the neckline and orange or yellow for the sleeves/bottom. I love colour blocking like that, because I know the orange/yellow won’t work near my face in terms of my complexion, but it will be fine on the sleeves or bottom of the cover up.

hot patterns

I plan on going to the aquatic centre near my home for a drop-in class of aquafit or for the non-lane swim times. My post-wedding plans are to increase my fitness in low-impact ways. So that means yoga, swimming, light stretching at home, and some stretch training at home, too. With my fibromyalgia, I can’t really do anything that leads to a flare up so that means I do smaller things and get fit in different ways.

I find it funny that most people try to lose weight for a wedding. How can anyone handle that with all the other stress? I plan on focusing on getting fit after the wedding. :) I’m not purely focused on losing weight, but more on making sure I am getting my body to a better place in fitness. Not being in pain all the time will hopefully be a result of this.

I could write out more that I want to sew, but I’m trying to limit my planning a bit more. I tend to be pretty ambitious. I also want to focus on slower projects and make interesting details for them.

What are your summer sewing plans?

The Flower Girl’s Dress and Sash(es)

I’ve been hard at work trying to get a million things done by the wedding. It’s 22 days and 5 hours away!

First up, I made a bunch of sashes: one for me, one for my sister’s bride’s maid dress, one for the bouquet, and one for the hand fasting ceremony. Phew.


Look I made a sash puppet! For my sash and my sister’s I used the pattern piece for the tie from M5314, a out of print woven wrap dress. I used it for the first dress I ever made with a pattern. I want to revisit the pattern again someday, because I absolutely loved that dress. It was a little bit revealing, but was originally made for a burlesque show so that was a good thing! It’s now a wrap skirt and I still love it.

For my sash, I cut two pieces of the pattern piece instead of one and I lengthened it. The tie for the dress is super long already, but I wanted to be able to make a bow and still have the ends hanging almost to the bottom of the skirt. I also like the pointed ends for my sash. Pictured here with some of the wedding decoration prep:


See how long it is?

The prep for the wedding decorations is for balloons at the reception:


They are wrapped in red tulle and have a fake flower and ribbon tied around them. They are hanging with fishing line so we don’t have to bother with helium. My friend Rob came up with the idea from a Pinterest post and then helped me put it together. He’s my expert decorator and an all-around fabulous guy!

For my sister’s sash, I followed the pattern and cut one and then folded and sewed. Instead of a point at the end, this sash has a diagonal cut. My sister’s sash is half the size of mine in width and a lot shorter. Below, you can see that the sash isn’t even half the length of mine.


For the bouquet and the handfasting sashes, I just winged it. They are both the same size with a diagonal end mirroring my sister’s sash.


I think I’ve talked about the sashes enough. Who really cares about triangles of fabric?

The flower girl dress is the star of this post!

I started with the Sweetheart Dress Pattern from Very Shannon. My niece is five years old so I cut the 5T. Although, I asked my sister to measure Grace just in case and she falls between 4T and 5T. I chose to cut the 5T for comfort, because the finished measurements are fitted across the chest.

The pattern pieces are so tiny!


Cutting out kid’s clothing is a completely different experience. I made Grace pj pants for Christmas last year and was so confused how teeny tiny they were. I thought it must be impossible that a five year old is that small. The pants were a little large on her, though! I don’t think I mentioned the pattern for her pj pants in that post, but it was the Avery lounge pants from Livi Stitches. It was an okay pattern. My only criticism was that it doesn’t have standard size cuts for the elastic in the waistband, but instead says to use your kids as a model and wrap it around their waist to get the length. Great if you have a kid right there. Not so great if the kid you are sewing for is 1600+ km away. A google search gave me standard sizes so I used those.

My sister and her family live on the East Coast so there is no chance of checking the fit on this dress until the week of. I’m not worried, because kids are pretty easy to fit and my sister gave me Grace’s measurements.


I have to say that I can’t really make any comment on the instructions in this pattern as I didn’t look at them very long. I sort of just followed my own methods for the self-lined bodice and heart cutout. I think I glances at them to understand how the heart cutout worked and that was it.


It came together really easily. Tiny bodice plus gathered skirt. That was all. I probably had more trouble with the tiny proportions than with the pattern itself.



wpid-wp-1433938570675.jpeg wpid-wp-1433938579001.jpeg

It’s a very cute dress and will look very adorable on Grace. She has gold sandals to match the wedding colours. I added a gold button at the back to match the colours, too.

I won’t rate the dress since I haven’t seen how it fits Grace yet, but I tentatively give it 5 stars, because it’s incredibly cute and was easy to make.

Wedding prep is all-consuming now. I haven’t had much of a chance to think of anything else. Although, I have sketched out some summer sewing plans and cut out another M6696 and another cloned bra (in fushia this time). I will also be cutting out a camisole for underneath the wedding dress. I’m using the Savannah pattern from Seamwork without any lace at the neckline. Should be a quick make. I am also making little shorts in silk using the shorts portion of the Parisian Nights PJs from Winter Wear Designs. I’ve made them up in flannel before and I just have a few modifications to make and then make a waistband for it. Should also be an easy make. If I have time, I will make a beige bra and some matching undies, but honestly, if I don’t have time or I feel stressed, I’m not going to go to the trouble.

Our basement/my sewing room has a water leak issue from the window. I might have to move everything upstairs so my landlady can deal with that. Also, it smells horrible in there. A combination of wet dog from the carpet, mold, and dead spiders, I assume. Makes for some unhappy sewing, but I have too much to do to stop now!


Forgot to include this silly picture of me in a tulle wig!


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Stay tuned for:

June: The Wedding Lingerie

July: The Wedding Dress, pt. 3: The Reveal and the Day.

Me-Made-May 17th-31st

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.47.13

I’m rounding up the last of my MMM’15 outfits. You can see my other outfits in the other round up post.

Day 17:


I wore a me-made necklace and my blue floral dirndl skirt.

I also made a few more necklaces:

IMG_20150518_181935 IMG_20150518_182401

Including one for a friend of mine.


Day 18:


A sew-at-home holiday so I wore my Hello Kitty hoodie.

Day 19:


My new Bronte top and my pink floral dirndl skirt with a me-made macaron necklace.

Day 20:


Another Bronte top with my red floral dirndl skirt.

Day 21:


My blue wrap skirt with a me-made necklace.

Day 22:


My Kitty Chronicle M6696 dress.

Day 23:


My gold Moneta dress.

Day 24:


My nautical  M6696.

Day 25:


My pink snapdragon skirt.

Day 26:


Black Bronte top with blue M6696 skirt and me-made bow necklace.

Day 27:


My Gillian wrap top with rtw dress.

Day 28:


RTW top with plaid dirndl skirt.

Day 29:


A new dress which I will talk about in a future post! :D I wore this to our stag and doe and had tons of fun!

Day 30:


Nautical M6696 again for a lovely anniversary party at my improv home, Social Capital theatre.

Day 31:


It was a chilly and rainy day so I wore my Parisian top with my black Pavlova skirt.

I still need more me-made cardigans, but I was pleased to learn that I need a lot more dresses. Dresses are a staple in my wardrobe. I’m probably okay with skirts for now, but I will definitely be adding some skirts and leggings to my fall sewing plans. I find that I wear skirts on cooler days.

So how did I do on my pledge?

Well, I wore at least one me-made garment every day of May and I got two dresses finished. The lingerie parts are going to be this month plus one dress for myself for the Monthly Stitches’ Indie Pattern Month dresses week. I’m going to try and get that done this week. If not, I will just write the post for the month and not participate in the competition. I’m not going to stress with the wedding coming up and all.

After the dress, I’ll be getting on that lingerie sewing and also sewing the sash for my dress and my sister’s dress and her daughter’s flower girl dress. I have a lot to do by the end of June!

The Wedding Dress, pt. 2: Construction and Details

As promised, I’m writing about the construction of my wedding dress and showing you some details of it. Unfortunately, you won’t get to see the final product until after the wedding in July.

I’m very excited about the wedding and have started counting down on facebook and sending people messages. By the time the day is here, I may have some annoyed friends/family, but I can’t keep the excitement down.

Wedding planning has been a breeze and my fiance has been amazing. I’m so happy I get to marry my best friend. <3

cute couple


On to the dress!

Construction of the dress took about 5 weeks and had a few setbacks. I did make other things during this time, though, and took breaks when I reached a setback. I took Tanya’s advice to heart and took it slow with the construction. I probably cut and sewed it in about 20-24 hours in total. I’m going to go over a few things I did for the construction, the setbacks, and show you detail shots throughout.

Cutting out the dress

When cutting this out, I had no problem with the bodice pieces. The size of the skirt pieces was larger than my cutting table, though, and I had some unfortunate slipping during that which didn’t get noticed until later. I’ll get to that later in the setbacks. Silk definitely needs a flat surface for the entire pattern piece. I ended up fixing the problem, but if I ever do something this elaborate again I am going to cut on the floor. Not ideal, but silk is a slippery ***.


Hand basting the lace overlay

Hand basting the lace on to the silk was a lengthy process and a little frustrating because of the slipperiness of both materials and the lace’s ability to snag and pull if you looked at it wrong. I did this on four bodice panels and the cap sleeves. It made sewing those pattern pieces a lot easier, though, as the lace didn’t shift in the process.

Testing before sewing

I did a lot of testing before I sewed it on my actual dress pieces. The testing included:

Stitch length and tension:


In choosing the stitch length and tension, I was looking for something that didn’t pull on the silk and was flat and tidy.

Button holes:

DSC_1120 DSC_1123

In choosing the button holes, I was looking in particular for a hole that laid flat once it was cut open and had a shape I preferred. I also wanted a stitch length that would work to prevent unraveling of the silk fibers when buttoning up the dress.

Seam finishing:


I always had it in my head to finish with hug snug, but I tested it out using the stitch length and tension from my testing, as well, to ensure it worked for the extra layers.

Hem finishing:

All hems were finished with hug snug. I chose not to hand sew a blind hem for the skirt, but instead do a machine hem. I just preferred the look and how it draped. I originally was going to do a rolled hem but my rolled hem foot didn’t like the silk….or liked it too much because it nommed it to hell.

I made sure that things worked before I sewed the dress. Silk charmeuse is very delicate and my lace was pretty prone to snags/pulls and neither enjoyed seam ripping. I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t have to do a bunch of that…although, I did have a bit of it…. :/

IMG_20150514_185247 IMG_20150514_182606

DSC_1129 DSC_1128

DSC_1127 DSC_1126


I had the bodice done relatively quickly minus the arm finishing and cap sleeves. The insides were easy to finish with hug snug. I did have some issues with the hug snug on the front princess seams, though, but that was worked out by narrowing the seams and then resewing the hug snug.

IMG_20150422_175423 IMG_20150422_175546 IMG_20150422_182418 IMG_20150419_112226 IMG_20150419_143143453 IMG_20150419_143112269


The skirt was a setback. As I said, the skirt pieces slipped during cutting and I never compared them to the pattern pieces to ensure they were cut correctly. I sewed them up and then sewed them to the bodice and then I put the dress on a hanger and my heart fell.


Things were wrong:

1) The skirt side seams weren’t going straight down. They were angling back to the back of the dress.

2) The skirt side seams weren’t draping properly and were puckering near the hips.

3) The skirt hem was allllllll over the place: long in the back, short at the side seams, long in the front.


I put the dress in the naughty corner and I thought about other things for a little bit. I compared the skirt pieces to the pattern pieces and realized the issue: not cut properly. I think the dress sat for about a week and then I unpicked the waist and skirt side seams. I recut the skirt pieces and then sewed the whole thing again. The side seams still pucker slightly at the hips, but are greatly improved.

Cutting the skirt for the hem was a whole other ordeal. I let the skirt hang for 48 hours and then I laid it on the floor and measured from waist to the 23 inches I wanted for the hem and marked blue dots all along the hem. I then pinned the entire hem up and tried the dress on to make sure it was even. I tried it on with the crinoline and without it. Then I hemmed the skirt.

IMG_20150513_195048 IMG_20150514_194215


As a result of the cutting problem, the skirt ended up shorter than I thought it would be. My crinoline peaks out at the bottom, but I have to say, I am quite pleased with that look. It’s so pretty. Maybe not proper, but I love it so screw proper.

Buttonbands and collar

The buttonbands and the collar all have a lightweight interfacing and are all sewn with a handsewn slipstich in silk thread on the inside. It made for a really delicate and lovely finish. I worked hard to get my stitches really even for the that.

I marked the buttonholes 2 inches apart and sewed on 12 buttons with the silk thread in Xs.

I really love the buttons and how they compliment the lace.

There is a bit of floppiness in the button band and collar on the left side, but I am hoping that spray starch will solve that.

DSC_1130 DSC_1141

IMG_20150520_215609 IMG_20150520_213141 IMG_20150523_164645

Cap sleeves and armholes

I sewed the cap sleeves on and then discovered a set back: they were too small. The armscye was too small as well. I recut the armscye and then made an adjustment to the cap sleeve pattern piece and cut out new cap sleeves. I then finished the arms with hug snug on the inside. Unfortunately, the delicate fabric didn’t enjoy all the work in those areas and I am concerned about some larger holes from needles.

DSC_1133 DSC_1144 DSC_1143

The armscye also ended up too large so I had to add in an armscye dart to pinch in that area. Not the neatest dart, but it is just under my arm and won’t be noticeable.


Silk organza underskirt

In order to offset the heaviness of a circle skirt with such a delicate fabric, Brooke suggested adding an underskirt of silk organza. I made it about 18 inches long and sewed it to the skirt at the waistband and at the button bands. I did have a draping issue at the button bands with the underskirt and skirt pieces not draping together correctly. I had to recut the skirt piece a little and that fixed the issue. The underskirt also had a wonky hem because of cutting… :/ It’s still not the greatest hem, but works fine for under the skirt.

The waistband was then finished with two pieces of hug snug with all the layers of fabric. I was originally going to use grosgrain ribbon, but opted for the hug snug again instead. It makes for a nice finish.

DSC_1137 DSC_1138

Cleaning the dress

If you ever ever ever decide to work with this type of white silk for anything at all, do yourself a favour and clean up your iron before hand. It was not so clean for this and then I had to wash my entire dress to get rid of black waxy stuff from my iron from interfacing glue and etc.

I hand washed it and then put it in the washing machine for a rinse and a spin while at the same time my heart was spinning!

It came out beautifully and only one black smug didn’t come out during the process, but it was on the inside of the button band. I got it out after the fact, though.

I actually have a new iron now, because that one overheated and melted a bit of fabric. Hopefully, the self-clean option on the new iron will work.

I still have the sash to make out of red satin. I’ll put that into my next post in the wedding series.

Next Up:

The Lingerie and I will share the flower girl’s dress, as well.

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Second helpings

With a little over five weeks until the wedding, things are getting pretty busy! I still have a ton of time to sew oddly enough. But not time to take pictures and blog. I just finished my wedding dress this weekend and will blog about it soon with the final reveal waiting for July after the wedding. I have just the sash left to make. I am also making a sash for my sister’s dress, which she bought, and a dress for my little flower girl, my niece. My niece’s dress will be red like the sashes and the vests for all the tuxedo wearing people. We’ll be quite the gorgeous wedding party!

On to the non-wedding stuff!

This month I made several seconds, thirds, and fourths of things. There’s nothing better than making up a pattern that you’ve made several times before and know what to do. None of them are perfect in spite of the fact that I have made them all before. You would think I would have all the fitting issues worked out, but nope! Sometimes that is down to fabric differences, like in these cases, but often it’s just down to not getting the technique completely down, like in the case of my floral bomber jacket.

M7100 Floral Denim Bomber Jacket

I made this jacket at the beginning of May. There are a couple of issues with it. The fabric is heavier weight from my first version so it ends up being a little tighter than the previous version. I think I will be doing an FBA for future versions to have it fit a little better through the chest.


I also messed up the waistband….er….again. The instructions for this are pretty vague, though. It’s basically: “and then attach the waistband.” Not much direction for that meant that I fudged it up again. It’s not super noticeable to the non-sewist eye so I am not going to fuss over it.

I am pleased with the welt pockets, though!


I really love the jacket, though, and have been alternating between the two jackets all Spring. It was incredibly sunny and very humid during all these pictures. So enjoy the progression of me melting. LOL.

DSC_1077   DSC_1080  DSC_1085

Two Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte tops:

These tops have been cut out for a while, but I had fitting issues on my white one in the same cotton interlock fabric so I had been putting off making these two tops. After my post about what I need to fill wardrobe gaps, though, I immediately got to work on these two. I took some length out of the neckline in the front. The result is a much higher neckline, but a lot flatter and it sits better on my shoulders. The neckline also isn’t as curved as it is in the pattern. I am okay with that. I actually really like this style and have been enjoying wearing them. The resulting tweaks, however, make for a short top. I’ve made the changes in the pattern and will be lengthening future versions based on the changes. I think I may unpick the white version and cut the neckline in a similar fashion, as well, because this worked out quite well.

I also lucked out by having buttons in my stash that matched perfectly with the fabric!

DSC_1119 DSC_1115

Don’t you love when that happens?

DSC_1067 DSC_1076 DSC_1065

DSC_1094 DSC_1087 DSC_1088 DSC_1095


Long sleeve shirts plus leggings on a hot and humid day made me rather melty….

Purple M6696:

This dress has also been cut out for a while (since writing my Spring sewing plans). Other than switching out the pockets for the straight skirt version pockets, I made no adjustments from my nautical version to this version, but perhaps should have remembered to cut the waistband a little longer (by about an inch) and to pivot and shorten the bust darts. Oops. There are always a million future versions for these adjustments! Not much else to say about the dress. I love wearing it. I also tried a little different thing for the buttons and am not pleased with what I did! Oh well. I thought I was getting the horizontal buttonhole in the middle of the band, but sadly it’s a little too far over and too close to the edge of the band. If I had started at the bottom of the dress, I think I would have done the others differently, but I started at the top. I tried unpicking, but it looked horrible so I just went with it. It looks fine, but the buttonholes are dangerously close to the edge of the band. I don’t have any more fabric or I would just have cut a new button band and redone the whole thing. Oh well! There’s always a million future versions! The fabric for this is quilting cotton that I stole from my mother’s stash a few years ago. Check out my other three versions (including the skirt version).

DSC_1098 DSC_1099 DSC_1105 DSC_1108  DSC_1112 DSC_1114 DSC_1110

I need sunglasses. And a tan…. I’m brighter than the sun!

Halfway through Me-Made-May Round-up

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.47.13

I was only going to post one round-up post at the end of the month, but then I figured that would be too much work at once. I’m also showing you previews of some of the things I’ve made this month so far.

Day One:



I wore my M6503 Star Trek dress.

I saw Kate Mulgrew (Captain Janeway) give a talk at the Toronto Reference Library on her memoir. She is absolutely lovely in person and I wanted to be adopted by her.



Day two:


My Harley Quinn top (unblogged) and my Cake Pavlova skirt in black for Free Comic Book Day. We ended up staying home and watching Dare Devil instead, though, but it definitely wasn’t a waste of a great outfit.

Day three:


Wore a RTW top and jacket with my pink floral dirndl skirt.

Day four:


My nautical M6696 dress.

That night I made three necklaces, too:


Made with polymer clay and nickle-free chain and findings.

Day five:


A RTW peasant top with my new flower necklace and my Cake Pavlova skirt with suspenders.

Day six:


My Burdastyle wrap tunic with a rtw camisole underneath.

I also had my improv show, Holodeck Follies, that night. So, in a very blurry photo, I am wearing my Star Trek costume with a me-made communicator badge.


Day seven:


RTW top and cardigan with my colourblocked skirt.

Day eight:


Gingham Simplicity 1459.

Day nine:


Red JVL Bronte top in red with RTW yoga pants for cleaning the house and sitting around.

Day ten:

IMG_20150510_104352 IMG_20150429_180907

No full body shot, because meh. It was a day in pjs: doing laundry, watching Dare Devil, and drinking Grower’s cider.

In my simplicity pj pants with my Parisian Nights pj top.

It was Mother’s Day and I got a lovely card from my step-chillun



Day eleven:


My floral Moneta dress.

Day twelve:


A new purple M6696 with a RTW cardi. I will blog about it sometime soon, but here is a preview!

I also fixed my Wonder Woman skirt that night:


When I made it, it was slightly tight. I finally got frustrated with not wearing it and added in some inches to the waistband. In two pieces because I had very little material left. Fits perfectly now!

I also made another bow necklace. This time using leftover leather scraps:


Day thirteen:


Happy wearing my Wonder Woman skirt again! Also pictured is a preview of my new floral M7100 and my new pink bow necklace. RTW top.

Day fourteen:


Red Bronte top with my yellow plaid dirndl skirt and my leather bow necklace. TOTALLY ME MADE OUTFIT, EVERYONE!!!

Day 15:


My Jungle January Bluegingerdoll Violet dress.

Day sixteen:


My Simplicity 1459 dress again with white RTW cardi that is falllling appaaaaart and not really white anymore due to laundry mishaps aplenty.

Today we had a Toronto Sewcialist meet-up. Since it is a long weekend, only a few of us were there, but it was really great. I got to chat with two other Andreas (PhysicsGirl and Zoopolis) and Bev, who doesn’t have a blog. They are all wonderful people and it was lovely to chat about fabric and shop in the Fashion District. And, of course, I bought fabric. Only a yard each of two jerseys for two Jenna cardis. One in white (to replace that cardi above) and the other in a light minty blue.

Conclusions at the halfway point are that I am glad to have finished a few things, done some repairs to things so I can wear them again, and finished one dress done as per my goal. I’ve been working away on my wedding dress, too, and am almost done! I wear my M7100 bomber jackets everyday. So glad I made those as they are very useful for this up and down Spring we are having. I need more tops and more cardis and should start to learn how to make blazers, because I love wearing them and definitely can’t get a correctly fitted RTW one. I find I love layers and a me-made piece of jewelry. Although, I wear tons of scarves so my necklaces don’t always get showcased.

I’m really pleased with how this is going. I didn’t find a huge amount of gaps in my wardrobe. I think a couple more tops and cardis will do and then I can focus on blazers.

I do have a dream to make a plaid Clueless-inspired outfit for the fall.

I think after the wedding I will be doing that and maybe trying out making some shorts! I don’t usually wear pants or shorts, but it might be neat to test my fitting skills in that way. I’m not going to jump on the Ginger jeans bandwagon yet (I am outside the size range). I have a couple of jeans/shorts patterns in my stash to try out first and then we’ll see what is next!

It’s been fun documenting this fully for the first time this year. What have you learned so far during your me-made may?